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Malabar Climbing Spinach
(Basella alba var. Rubra)

A fast growing vine from tropical Asia, with impressive red-purple stems. Unlike some vines, the leaves are large and bushy, and can provide ample cover for small exotic lizards and frogs. In a vivarium setting, it is well suited to covering backgrounds, growing along branches or floorspace.

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alder cones, aquarium additive, natural, antibacterial, antifungal, lowers ph, tannins, compounds, Alnus glutinosa

Alder Cones

A natural antibacterial additive for aquatic setups and bioactive substrates, ideal for lowering pH.

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cuttlefish, cuttle fish, cuttlefish bone, cuttlebone, calcium, turtlebone, calcium supplement, shell

Cuttlefish Bone

A naturally rich source of calcium and ideal supplement for turtles, tortoises and other exotic animals.

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catappa leaves, leaf, indian almond, ketapang, antibacterial, antimicrobial, shellrot, scud, fungus, skin infection, turtles, tortoises, amphibians

Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa)

A natural antibacterial and antifungal additive for aquatic and bioactive substrates.

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wandering jew, inch plant, Tradescantia zebrina, variegated, purple, climbing, creeping live vivarium plant

Wandering Jew
(Tradescantia zebrina)

A fast spreading species, with green and purple foliage, native to Mexico.

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kapok tree, sapling, ceiba pentrandra, live vivarium plant, tall vivarium plant, background foliage

Kapok Tree
(Ceiba pentandra)

A giant among tropical plants, with quick growth and sturdy leaves.

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malabar red climbing spinach, basella alba rubra, tropical asian, live vivarium plant

Malabar Climbing Spinach (Basella alba)

A fast growing, red-stemmed vine from tropica Asia, ideal for background cover.

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live tropical woodlice, dwarf white isopods, bioactive substrate, clean up, custodians, culture, feeder, breeding, starter, colony

Tropical White Woodlice
(Trichorhina tomentosa)

A tropical dwarf isopod, ideal for livefood culture and bioactive substrates.

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live Byrsotria fumigata, cuban burrowing, cockroach, roach, culture, feeder, breeding, starter, colony

Cuban Burrowing Roach
(Byrsotria fumigata)

A tropical forest cockroach, ideal for livefood culture and bioactive substrates.

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