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"What a year it's been"

I can't believe it's been almost 12 months since I last got the time to write an update on here. So much has changed, including a new house, new turtle room and of course, new turtles...

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FRIDAY, 30 JUNE 2017

Monsters from the Golden Coast ivory coast, mud turtle, pelusios cupulatta, pelusius, ivory coast mud turtle

Back to Doncaster to collect a whopping pair of Ivory Coast Mud Turtles! With monstrous heads and a surprisingly gentle nature, this newly described African species is the latest addition to my turtle room.

FRIDAY, 19 MAY 2017

Lessons learned from incubation

Most of the time I get to talk about all the positives. In the interests of transparency, and rather painfully, I have to share how I came to lose 5 clutches of turtle eggs...


Getting Gibba

Not only did my 26th birthday completely sneak up on me, but several baby turtles which I've been meaning to write about have outgrown their 'baby' status.

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Keeping snakes in plastic boxes -
a scientific review

snake rub, plastic storage box, suitability, racking, size, habitat, housing, husbandry

Evaluating the use of plastic storage boxes as captive snake habitats, based on scientific literature.


Kapok Tree Sapling

A giant among tropical plants, with quick growth and sturdy leaves.

Malabar Climbing Spinach

A fast growing vine from tropical Asia, with impressive red-purple stems. Well suited to covering vivarium backgrounds.

Cuban Burrowing Cockroach

A tropical forest cockroach, ideal for livefood culture and bioactive substrates.

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